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Toyota 1600 (2T 2TB Engine) TA22, TA23 - 2 x 40 DCOE Genuine FAJS (Weber) Performance Package

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Toyota 1600 (2T 2TB Engine) TA22, TA23 -
2 X 45DCOE Genuine FAJS (Weber)

 Performance Package

by Procarb Australia - Australia`s Leading Carburetor Factory / Supplier .


This is a Brand New package that comes complete with :

  • 2 x 40 DCOE Genuine FAJS Carburetors 
  • Redline Inlet Manifold 
  • Linkage for Carb          ( included in price ) 
  • Throttle Linkage kit for manifold mounting 
  • Accelerator Spring
  • Ram Tubes 
  • 2 x Straight Fuel Fittings    
  • 1 x 90 Degree                 ( included in price )
  • Soft mounts & mounting studs . ( We do not use or recommend the cheaper Hard mounts )

All our installation packages are Hand prepared for your own application here in our Factory Located in NSW, Australia . Jetting supplied is as per Product spec listed below and we strongly recommend with our 35 years of experience that you use this as a starting point when fitting carbs . We only recommend changing jetting once the carbs have been fitted and ran then setup on a chassis dyno if needed.

Our manifold linkage kits utilizes a hex rod linkage bar where applicable which eliminates slippage and offers a more consistent tune and carb balance. We supply you all the linkage components to allow you to mount your factory Throttle cable on which includes a return spring . You will need to connect your accelerator linkage to our Carb set up once installed . Fuel connection is simple using the t pieces and right bend we supply which eliminates any need for a fuel block .  We DO NOT recommend hard mounts for your carbs as the vibration caused will affect both the tuning & operation and thus we supply soft mounts kits , studs and nuts etc which will dampen the vibration.

We also stock Fuel pressure Regulators should you require one at an additional cost . We recommend Fuel pressure to be around 2.5 to 3.5 PSI.

These are an Excellent Performance upgrade. The 45 DCOE carburetors indicates that these are a Performance 2BBL side draft Carburetor. There design are smooth and simple with none of the usual metering rods, valves, rubber seals or plastic pieces that are common problems in other carbs and features solid type accelerator pump and the throttle shaft smooth in operation .They are Excellently Designed and Manufactured which include : Superior Quality Castings and specialized materials used in the manufacture. Precision Machining, Milling & Drilling achieved using the most advanced CNC machines. Precision throttle shaft and disc alignment for smooth idle and acceleration. Progression holes precision Drilled .Easy to replace precision calibrated parts for ease of fine tuning on vehicle.

Please note that that these are `aftermarket` which means some modifications, Accelerator linkage hook-up etc in fitting maybe required .

Procarb Australia ! Designing, Manufacturing, Building, Supplying, and Testing Carburettors since 1982

If you need sales or Tech advice call our Factory on 02 6552 4522 BH AEST