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Carburetor Adaptor Plates

ProCarb Australia Stocks one of the largest ranges of Carburetor Adaptor plates including Redline, Lynx, FAJS, Weber & Holley Brands
to suit a wide variety of vehicles including Toyota, Ford, Holden, Datsun, Nissan, Suzuki,  Subaru, Chrysler and Mitsubishi just to name a few.

Carburetor Adaptor plates are measured length ways stud center to center via width ways stud centre to centre.

We strive to provide a comprehensive line of carburetors, carburetor accessories, as well as service parts.
Should you have a specific application that is not covered on this website, then give us a call, Were only too happy to help.

Enjoy looking through this website which will give you a small insight into our adapter plate range.