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Tech Info


The Information listed is a guide only , and any inquiry's should be directed to our factory.  


All Holley we use for re manufacture are ex USA stock. There are 4 main Holley and two Weber types ,320,350,600 & 750 Holley and DGV or DFV Weber.

Holley Carbs are available in both Auto & Manual choke types , most carbs these days being Electric or Manual choke. This simply means vacuum draws hot air via tubing from the exhaust manifold to the auto choke housing heating the bi-metallic spring and opening the choke.
Manual choke carbs are self explanatory . All auto choke housings are the same size and can be changed to Manual Choke by the use of a special manual choke housing assembly which replaces the vacuum unit or alternatively an electrically operated housing can be used. Simply wire one terminal to 12 volts with the ignition on and the other terminal to earth and voltage will heat the bi-metallic spring thus opening the choke.
Holley Carburetors come in two mixture screw versions easily identified in most cases with one mixture screw type located in the metering block fitting snugly into the block. This one meters the fuel , turning the screw outward will richen the mixture . The other type mixture screw, once again easily identified by fitting into a recess ( app 1/4" across ) will meter the air. This is called a reverse idle carburetor , it requires the mixture screw to be wound in too richen.

320 Holley
This particular Carb is called an Economaster Carburettor, being the same in design as the commonly known 350 .
It is an extremely effective Carburetor both in power and economy, the main difference between the 320 & 350 is the 320 has slightly smaller venturis thus allowing smaller main jets to be used . Thus the term Ecomomaster. This carby has reverse idle circuits . The 320 was originally fitted to motors up to 400 cubic in.
The 320 can be fitted to almost any 6 or 8 cyl via an adaptor plate .

350 Holley
A universal 2 barrel Carburetor. A very popular model but getting difficult to obtain stocks due dwindling stocks worldwide. Please call for current availability .

600 Holley
600 Holley`s are available in both Auto & Manual choke . The Manual choke we supply is normally a universal non emission carby in most cases with std idle circuit however some are reverse idle models.
Both 600 Auto and Manual choke carbies are Squarebore design and are a vacuum operated second stage . They are extremely versatile carbs fitting to most V8`s via adapter such as Holden 253 & 308 and Ford 302 & 351.

750 Holley.
These are a Squarebore type same as the 600 Holley but larger in CFM range for added performance . Available from us in both Electric choke or Manual choke both with vacuum operated secondaries

Webers come in DGV or DGEV ( `E` standing for Electric choke ) or the DGV which is Manual choke. This particular carb has primary and secondary throats with power valve circuit making it suitable for all motors over 1.2 litre to app 3 litre.

DFEV come in Electric choke version only and the main difference between this and the DGEV is the way the throttle linkage opens . The DFEV looking at the throttle linkages, operates the primary on the left hand barrel and opens clockwise where as the DGEV operates from the right hand barrel looking at the rear of the carb and opens anticlockwise.
The DFEV is suitable for Mitsubishi's etc where the accelerator comes over the rocker cover and opens back where as as the DGEV is more suitable to say a Nissan 180B or Nissan Bluebird where the carb opens towards the passenger guard.
The DFEV replaces all 180 Holley type carbs which are no longer available new.