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Remanufactured Holley Carburettors

At Procarb Australia, we stock a range of high-quality Holley carburetors fully remanufactured at our Australian factory plant. All our carbies, from the 350 Holley CFM Carburettor Manual Choke to the 450 CFM Aluminium Ecomaster, undergo a meticulous inspection process to ensure their quality and performance.

Due to the limited availability of Holley carburettor cores, we have compiled a list of refurbished units that we regularly stock. However, we highly recommend that you contact our factory directly to verify product stock before placing your order.

In most cases, we suggest that you send your unit to be fully remanufactured in our factory. We provide a swift turnaround time for reconditioning your carby, typically ranging from 2 to 5 days depending on its condition.

Our Remanufacturing Process

At Procarb Australia, your satisfaction is not just a goal; it's a guarantee forged in the details of our comprehensive and strict remanufacturing process which includes:

Dismantling & Inspection

We’ll carefully disassemble the carburettor, inspecting each part for wear and tear issues.

Machine Work

Whether you have a Universal Holley 4-Barrel or a Classic Holley 350 carby, our precision machining techniques can help enhance your unit’s components for optimal functionality.


Through high-speed blasting, we’ll remove contaminants, preparing the surfaces for treatment.

Chemical Cleaning

Our chemical cleaning process ensures all the components are debris-free.

High-Speed Tumbling/Polishing

The carby components then undergo high-speed tumbling or polishing for a shiny finish.

Re-assembling with Replated Parts

We’ll precisely reassemble the parts using replated metal parts for longevity.

Body Polishing/Re-Colouring

Our tradesmen will polish the carburettor body; we also offer re-colouring options to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Fitting Teflon Bushes

We’ll strategically fit Teflon bushes for smooth throttle operation.

New Carburetor Gaskets

The next step involves applying new gaskets for proper sealing and improved efficiency.

Installing a New Power Valve

We’ll install a new power valve for precise fuel control, which can contribute to the overall responsiveness of the carburettor.

High-Quality Needle & Seats

Rest assured, our professional team only uses premium quality needles and seats for consistent fuel regulation.

Full Hot Run Testing

Lastly, we’ll conduct rigorous hot run testing to ensure performance under real conditions before reaching customers.

Fuel your ride with a remanufactured Holley carby from Procarb Australia. Whether you want a bright shiny polish or a gold shiny finish, we’ve got you covered. For more information about our products and services, get in touch with us via our contact page!

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