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Holden 45DCOE FAJS 6CYL Blue Black 12 Port 202 (Weber Type) TRIPLE CARBURETOR PACKAGE

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Product Specs


Holden 6 Cyl FAJS 45DCOE Performance Package :

Package Includes;

3 x FAJS 45DCOE 5 progression port carburetors
6 x 62mm Ram tubes
1 x Brand New Manifold
1 x Hex Rod linkage kit (not round which slips)
12 x PCI manifold studs with nylon lock nuts
3 x Professional Quality soft mount kits  ( We do not use or recommend the cheaper Hard mounts )
2 x Fuel banjo "T" piece                 ( included in price )
1 x Fuel banjo 90 degree piece       ( included in price )

Carburetors are hand prepared by us prior to shipping. This includes; inspection, float levels set, Mixture screw set to standard spec, Idle Air Bleed screw set to zero, Inspection of throttle shafts and correct butterfly alignment, Correct Needle & Seat operation.

FAJS 45DCOE carburetors are set to factory jetting specifications;

If you require specific jetting please contact us.

Our Performance inlet manifolds are made in Australia, of only the finest materials. CNC machined flanges and profiled ports to ensure perfect fitment, flow and clearance. The mounting area where the manifolds bolt to the head has extra clearance. This means there is less clearance adjustments when bolting the manifold next to your exhaust headers.

FAJS DCOE models are direct replacement of the popular Weber DCOE models, each carburetor is hand prepared by us before sale. All service parts, tuning parts are interchangeable between Weber and FAJS DCOE models. An excellent replacement for over 10 years delivering the same outstanding performance and tuneabilty.

DCOE packages are to suit a wide range of applications and vehicle models, which means some modifications may need to be undertaken when fitting

Quality guaranteed.